Monday, May 10, 2010

Dota Template 1.0

In the beginning, Eul created Dota.
Then we played TFT DotA.
We saw DotA Darkness Falls.
DotA Allstars was born.
Guinsoo made his own Allstars version.

May I introduce today, the DotA Template by SD_Ryoko and AceHart.

Just add Heroes and items! A free DotA template for any mapper to use. Includes all the desired modes of gameplay. All random, All pick, an item combiner, multiboard and sample heroes. Revives fallen heroes and tallies score. Prevents most back dooring and spawns stronger units when barracks fall. Revives creeps camps on the map. A free, open source map for you to create your own Defense of the Ancients.

Don't put up with one new broken hero a month anymore! Sick of the fact they won't fix Naix? Comes with a rock solid, non-looping random hero engine.

FOR QUESTIONS about DotA, the World Editor, or bugs, post in the forums.

Configure the map in the initialization trigger.
Create your heroes and add them to the Hero Setup Triggers.
Add each hero to the gamplay constants
-Techtree - Dependency Equivalents - Hero : ADD ALL THERE.

Game play Modes: (host only)


All pick. Choose from any tavern.


All random. Each player recieves a random hero.


Every player picks a Hero from either Tavern.
That Hero is randomly assigned to a player of the other team!
If there's more players in one team, those poor sobs get a random Hero.
-repick and -random are not available in this mode.


Every now and then a couple Super Creeps (really strong Creeps) will spawn for your team.


A dying Hero drops a random item. Even undroppable ones!

-dm [number]
-deathmatch [number]

Death Match. Each player gets [number] lives.
If your Hero dies too often, you're history.
If no number is given, it defaults to 3.


Heroes start at level 10 and revive in half the time.


Heroes gain experience faster
Structures have less hitpoints.
You get more Gold (16 every 8 seconds, instead of only 8 every 8 seconds).


Heroes gain experience faster.
Towers are weaker.
More money.
Heroes start at level 10 and revive in half the time.


Revival times will show either in the multiboard, visible for all players, or only for the owner of the dead Hero.

Commands available to all players:


Random Hero.
Don't know what Hero to pick?
Random only works once.


Repick a Hero.
Didn't like the Hero you got?
Try another one.
Repick only works once.


Shows your Hero's movement speed.


Shows which Heroes your opponents control.


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